Which washcloth though?


I stumbled upon the organic muslin cloth while bathing my baby one night and thought how wonderfully soft and effective this little cloth was and why don't I use them?

A great addition to any natural skincare routine

Muslin cloths are an excellent addition to any skin-care routine for a few reasons. The finely woven cotton of muslin is suitable for sensitive skin and provides a wonderful exfoliation. 

Using a muslin cloth increases circulation to the face while sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal new, younger ones. For this reason, always be sure to use a nourishing oil or moisturizer after exfoliating with a muslin cloth.

Organic is your best bet

One of the best parts? These cloths are reusable and eco-friendly—throw them in the wash, use an unscented detergent and skip the fabric softener altogether to keep them in tip-top shape. Muslin Cloth Organic is my personal favorite because they're unbleached and certified organic.

Whether you love the ritual of nighttime skincare or think it's a chore, leftover makeup can prevent your skincare products from working effectively and can lead to clogged pores and dulled skin, so consider trying a natural cloth and clean product and let us know what you think! 

Muslin cloth

Follow up your nightly exfoliation routine with Clary's Face Serum to encourage proper cell turnover and deeply nourish skin.


  • Mansi Singh on

    I am also using my baby’s muslin wash cloth as these are really awesome whenever I use them, it feels great and refresh. After using it I thought that the babies really need muslin wash cloth because of their delicate skin. It is made for delicate skin and for women it is also a good wipe.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • Sara C Pennington on

    Where do you get these clothes?

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