Clary Collection Production Process

Step One

We combine our blend of organic plantain leaves, calendula, chamomile and lavender flowers.

Step Two

We add Organic, unrefined and cold pressed seed oils to the herbs, preparing for infusion.

Step Three

The herbs and oils are slowly and steadily warmed in a controlled environment, encouraging the process of infusion, where medicinal properties of the plants are drawn out and bound to the oil.

Step Four

After infusion is complete, we carefully strain each small batch and pour into bottles by hand.

Step Five

To create our balm, we gently melt wildflower beeswax, add it to the olive oil infusion and hand pour into tins.

Step Six

To create our Face Serum, Renew+Repair and Hair Oil, we add therapeutic amounts of pressed seeds and steam distilled flower, herb and resin to ellevate the effectiveness and healing qualities of each product.