From Plant To Skin™

Certified NonToxic Skincare for Every Body

From Plant To Skin™

My husband and I have this balm in every room because we love it so much! We both have psoriasis and this balm helps calm the patches. It is also perfect for winter-chapped lips and any spots that have gotten too much sun.

— Karsen G.

Our mission is to naturally empower every body with the knowledge of herbally-infused skin care and with safe, non-toxic products that we all deserve.


Effective, certified non-toxic skincare that is kind to your body and the earth.

At Clary, we are committed to making safe skincare for every body. We innovate through getting back to the basics with our handmade products and process rooted in hundreds of years of tradition, rediscovered. So you can care for your body while caring for the earth with radically clean products. Our entire line of balms and oils is certified to be free of substances known to harm humans and ecosystems by MADE SAFE®. The purest ingredients, ethically formulated and made accessible to all. The shortest path from plant to skin. That’s the Clary Promise.