Clary Collection's Story

Clary Co-Founders

Adriel Denae + Jen Goodall

We launched Clary Collection out of our kitchens in November, 2016 and we have never been more proud or more sure of what we create and why we create it. We receive stories every week from families and individuals all around the world, affirming our desire to bring the powerful, comforting, healing, calming and safe effectiveness of herbal skin care to others. We are women-founded and operated and we stock over 180 stores worldwide and online from our own Clary production space in Appleton, WI. We are now proud to have our entire line of balms and oils certified Non Toxic by MADE SAFE® to be free of ingredients known to harm human health and ecosystems.


Clary Collection was born out of the connection we found during the pregnancies and births of our children - two souls who changed everything about the way we experience life and see the world. Our transition into motherhood sparked many changes in us, one of which was a new awareness of the value of clean skincare products for ourselves and our families. Recognizing that the skin is the body's largest organ and that it absorbs a great deal of toxins we set out to source clean, effective skincare. However, we continually came up short. The “organic” market is saturated with “natural” claims, but oftentimes "clean" products still contain harmful components and harsh extracts.


With curiosity and determination, we began to seek alternatives. Focusing on the traditional craft of oil infusion, where flowers and herbs are slowly steeped in warmed oil, we began to learn how to gently transfer the healing qualities of plants to nourishing oil bases - the way our great, great grandmothers and their grandmothers did. We formulated uncomplicated, but effective blends and learned that adding wildflower beeswax as an emulsifier transformed the infused oils into a protective balm. In the Oil and Balm, we found the solutions we’d been seeking to chronic dryness, eczema flare-ups, sensitive irritation, allergic reaction, scrapes and even bug bites while helping us cultivate a great sense of personal empowerment and creative satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to offer sustainable, ethical skincare alternatives free from synthetic and harmful ingredients. We harness the power of nature in every product, carefully selecting healing ingredients planted by our team and sourced from local farmers who share our values of sustainability and ethical practices.

Supporting our local community and reducing our carbon footprint are integral to our ethos. Our small team of women handcrafts each product, honoring the time-honored tradition of herbalism. We prioritize quality and consistency by crafting our products in small batches.

Committed to providing safe, certified, non-toxic skincare for all, we proudly hold MADE SAFE® certification. Our products undergo thorough testing to ensure both effectiveness and safety, because everyone deserves access to skincare that's beneficial to their health and the environment.

Our Partners

When you support us, you also support the small, local businesses we are honored to work with. 


The Farmers at Greenbush Co-op tend our herbs with care, using pesticide-free methods and nurturing intentions.


At the Birds and the Bees, ethical beekeepers lovingly tend to their hives, ensuring the gentle harvest of wax for our balms. 

Our Namesake

In the early stages of crafting and experimenting with our products in our kitchens, we learned about the remarkable herb, Clary Sage. The name is derived from the Latin word clarus, meaning “clear”. In the Middle Ages, the plant was known as “Clear See” because the seeds were used to dislodge irritants in the eye. Since then, the flower and leaves have been commonly used to bring balance and ease to hormonal cycles, inducing a sense of calm, clarity and joy. In our early days of motherhood, Clary Sage was a window into a new world. And so she became our namesake.