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What Are Cold Pressed, Unrefined Oils and Does It Matter?


We only use the best unrefined, highest quality oils for your skin. 

Clary understands that what you put on your skin is just as important as what you eat. Your skin is your largest organ and most of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. That’s why our ingredients are not only Made Safe certified but also unrefined and cold pressed.

Refined oils are much more processed than virgin oils, and therefore don’t provide as many nutrients. The refining process includes treating the oil with a chemical solution (typically sodium hydroxide), before deodorizing and bleaching the oil. It’s also common for refined oils to be cut with less expensive oils, in order to keep costs down.

This process diminishes many of the nutrients and antioxidants that are present in the virgin oil, meaning the refined oils can’t provide their maximum benefits. Although refined oils might be cheaper, they might not deliver the results you were hoping for because the potent antioxidants have been stripped from the oil.

Do Cold Pressed Oils Have More Nutrients?

Yes, they do. Using cold pressed oils is an extra step we take to ensure maximum results from our skin care products. A cold press compacts seeds and plants between two plates, releasing their natural oil. Applying heat to the seeds and nuts as they are being pressed can speed up the process and produce more oil; the downside is that this heat can also break down the nutritional content and weaken the aroma. This also means that cold pressed oils retain most of their subtle flavor, color and nutritional value which is then passed on to your hair and skin. Try comparing the color of your Renew + Repair Oil v standard shop bought Avocado oil and see the drastic contrast in color. 

Unlike many, we use cold pressed, unrefined ingredients to preserve as much nutritional value as possible. Our Clary Face Serum contains over 10 different types of oils from organic fruits and plants, and combining these ingredients together without heat creates a moisturizing, nutrient-packed facial serum. 

Clary Face Serum


Jojoba Oil


Products: Hair Oil, Face Serum

Benefits: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory,

Common Treatments: acne, oily skin, sunburn


Avocado Oil


Products: Renew + Repair Oil

Benefits: collagen stimulant

Common Treatments: scars, wrinkles, stretch marks


Olive Oil


Products: Bath + Body Oil, Balm

Benefits: antioxidants

Common Treatments: sun exposure, wrinkles, declining collagen production


So the next time you pick up any product, remember you’ll be getting the most out of your skincare when you look for formulas containing unrefined, cold-pressed oils (including nut, seed, fruit, and essential oils). The best oil you can buy for your food, hair, and skin will always be an organic, cold or expeller pressed, unrefined oil that is raw or extra virgin to virgin (oil close to its natural form is always best).

Clary Collection infuses the combination of these amazing oils and herbs to create clean, pure products that are not only certified Organic but totally safe for your skin. All of our products contain a customized combination of cold-pressed essential oils to help protect and maintain healthy skin!

Love Jen + Adriel 


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