Bathroom must haves

Clary All-Purpose Balm, Bath and Body Oil, and Face Serum on Side Table

Blink Beauty asked me to take over their Instagram and, of course, I said yes. Besides making my own skincare I am very passionate about sharing other honest organic companies with you. 

Before Clary Collection my beauty cabinet looked like a scene from Hoarders. I realized that my skin care did not need to be so complicated and nor did my routine.

These are my survival must-haves. 


Pink Clay organic Soap. 

Clary Organic Pink Clay Soap on Bathroom Shelf


In place of lotion, I use Clary Bath + Body all over. I especially love using after I shave my legs. Clary Bath + Body is especially soothing on sensitive skin and babies. 

Regular and Travel Size Clary Bath and Body Oil on Bathroom Sink



Cleanse - One love organics Vit b cleanser, great for removing makeup also. 

Hydration - Clary Face Serum infused with geranium, great for acne breakouts and hydration. 

BALM - Great for lips and under eye makeup primer. 

Eye mask - Honest hazel 

Face Mask  - Aztec Clay - see blog post for the recipe.



Renew and Repair - use morning and night on neck and chest. Great for pigment, stretch marks and scaring.

Deodorant - Oxalis Apothecary, Cedar, and Sandalwood.

Dry brush - when dry brushing; Benefits include: cellulite appearance reduction, smoother glowing skin, improves blood circulation, shed dead skin, eliminates clogged pores for better nutrients absorbing. Read more here 



Shampoo + Conditioner - Sisters 

Dry Shampoo - Primarily Pure 





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