Meet Kyle, CEO of Bambo Diapers.

After my son was born I discovered buying him diapers wasnt the easiest shopping cart trip. Honest made the cool looking ones, but all the dye made him break out. Some other brands gave him horrendous rashes on his lower back. and then one day my friend said BAMBO!  
Bambo has been the staple diaper in our home. I was so grateful to find this brand and very pleased when Kyle agreed to answer some questions for us! 
Thanks Kyle 
Kyle Sather, CEO of Bambo Diapers
"As a family owned business, and as parents ourselves, we know that what you put on your baby is just as important as what you put in your baby."

1. What was the inspiration behind Bambo Nature? 


Simply stated “Health.”  At the highest level, we recognize and believe that the health of people is inextricably linked to the health of the planet, and vice-versa.  To create a “healthy product” requires safe and healthy raw materials.  To live on a healthy planet is to responsibly produce sustainable products.  And this idea of health permeates throughout the company and our brands. 

2. How did becoming a parent impact your view on consumer goods?
I became more discerning...  There are both good and bad products on the market.  Some of the “bad products” I may have accepted to use for myself, I chose never to give to my children.  And then, of course, I changed my own behavior to find good products for all of us. 


3. What is one thing every parent should know about their baby products?


Babies don’t need as much stuff as you think!!!  Love comes first, healthy food, and then quality safe products.  I recommend a little research; in that, marketing is a powerful tool.  Good marketing can sell a lot of bad products. 

4. How is Bambo Nature committed to helping the environment?


We have developed a legacy for over 50 years minimizing our impact on the environment.  We support a circular economy thinking and we have a long-term vision of reaching zero waste in our factories.  We take a comprehensive approach and focus on Raw Materials, Manufacturing, Consumption, and Waste.  For example, more than 50% of the electricity used in our factories in Denmark comes from sustainable energy sources, like windmills.  Since 2008 we have reduced CO2 emissions by 30%.   We are certified that we use, and none of our suppliers use any dangerous chemicals ever!  Thus, we have absolutely no dangerous waste.  All of our packaging is recyclable.  95% of our waste is recyclable.  Since 2010 we have reduced the energy consumption at our largest factory by 15%.  We are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council that all of the wood pulp used in our diapers comes from sustainable tree farms.  We hold certifications such as the Nordic Swan Eco-Label and the EU Eco-Label which are both recognized worldwide for their strict requirements for health, quality and environment.  These labels stand for tough environmental requirements – in all relevant phases of the products lifecycle; strict requirements for chemicals; continuous tightening of the requirements; and reducing environmental impact from production and consumption.  Protecting the environment is an “all day, every day” focus and commitment. 

5. Why is it important for your products to have consumer goods certifications?


I stated earlier that “Good Marketing” can sell a lot of bad products.  The market and the internet contain a vast amount of misleading information.  Companies make claims and declarations that are false.  For me, certifications have two primary purposes.  One – we substantiate all of our claims with proof.  Two – The certifications that we hold cannot be bought.  We earn them by being open and transparent; and we undergo audits, investigations, and product testing from 3rd Party organizations. 


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