Healthy Teeth with Eric Buss

Eric Buss, Founder and CEO of Davids Toothpaste
Following our recent Safe Swap post on toxic chemicals in toothpaste, we talked with Eric Buss, CEO and founder of Davids Toothpaste to dig deeper into the questions surrounding Davids, tooth health, and informed consumer shopping!
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Eric Buss, Founder and CEO of Davids Toothpaste
What was the inspiration behind Davids Toothpaste?
In 2011, I was just a consumer of toothpaste and was looking at my ingredient list on my toothpaste one day, and was curious about the list of funny sounding ingredients.  I jumped onto Google and it didn't take long to figure out that a lot of the ingredients were controversial, and not good for your body.  At this moment, the idea sparked of creating a more natural and safe toothpaste, and I spent the next three years and thousands of hours of research and development putting our formulation together, and launched it in July, 2015.
What is something everyone should know about their toothpaste?
People should have a basic understanding of how toothpaste works.  The main thing that causes cavities it plaque.   We all tend to get plaque buildup on our teeth, and the bacteria in the plaque is working to eat through our enamel, and this is what causes a cavity.  The #1 you can do to reduce the risk of cavities is remove the plaque.  Davids uses very fine micro abrasives designed to remove the plaque.  Davids premium mint oil is also designed to kill the bacteria that forms plaque, and the baking soda also works to kill the bad bacteria as well.  Xylitol is used to remineralize the enamel, so a number of things all working together to make Davids an effective and safe toothpaste, without the need for adding fluoride.
Should consumers be wary of a product even if it says “natural”? 
Yes, there is no standard for "natural" products, so really need to be able to look closely at ingredient lists to see what is actually contained in the "natural product".   Also, many of the "natural" and "organic" ingredients are being sourced from China, Malaysia, India, and may not be quite as safe as one would hope.  At Davids, we went out of our way to source the highest quality, safest, and most natural ingredients available.....we use 98% USA ORIGIN ingredients.
What does sustainability mean to Davids
We take a holistic approach to sustainability.  The tagline on our toothpaste is "nature+america+you".   This represents our commitment to the sustainability of nature with our the ingredients and recyclable packaging we use, the sustainability of the American worker and US economy, by sourcing US ingredients/packaging, and sustainability of "you" and your health, again with the highest quality and safest ingredients available.    


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