Relief for Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects over 5 million people across the globe. It causes the immune system to confuse viruses, bacteria, and germs with the body’s own healthy antibodies. Because Lupus compromises the body’s immune system, it can cause inflammation, pain, and damage to virtually any part of the body – especially the skin. Rashes, sores, and lesions of the skin are common in Lupus sufferers.
Through our own research, we’ve found that the ingredients we use in Clary products can aid in the healing of Lupus skin flares, particularly the Body Oil and the Olive Balm.
Woman with Lupus Skin Sores
Su is Lupus sufferer. We saw her story on Instagram, and reached out to her about trying Clary Body Oil and Olive Balm on her Lupus skin sores. This is what she had to say:
I just wanted to tell you, I used your balm product on my allergic reaction and burns from the hospital adhesive and heart monitoring tabs. This was on Thurs. I got home on Sat. They said use prescription this xyz..didnt bother. I used your balm today I'm almost healed and my husband cannot believe it. I plan on documenting and posting on my page later in the week. But your product is like crack. I mean my skin was falling off my shoulders. It’s fine now. Also just purchased your Face Serum so I'm excited. I'm sending you pics so you can see the difference in what your product makes. I just want you to know. It's amazing, especially for my lupus. Take care!
organic olive balm
The calming properties of plantain and chamomile soothe inflamed skin, while the lavender cleanses the skin. Olive Oil is packed with powerful antioxidants and oleocanthal compounds, aiding in pain relief and diminishing the risk of developing cancerous skin cells.
Suffering from eczema, Lupus, psoriasis? Give us a try.

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Suffer from lesions, lupus scar and malaria rash. Going to try because of this thanks for sharing this info.

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