Don't Brush Your Teeth With Chemicals

We all brush our teeth (well, I hope we all do). There are countless patterns, plans, and methods of brushing, but in general, you 1) brush morning and night using 2) a toothbrush and 3) toothpaste. It’s likely that your dentist sends you off with Big Brand toothpaste samples in your post-appointment goodie bag, and likely that you even buy the same brand at the grocery store. But, have you ever considered the ingredients of your toothpaste? Your kid’s toothpaste?

Wind Up Teeth with Desserts

Well, you should because your toothpaste tube might be packing some of these toxic and harmful ingredients listed below:

We’ve covered tricolosan before in other post, but in case you’ve forgotten, tricolosan is a pesticide (classified by the EPA and all). Triclosan works as an anti-bacterial component in your toothpaste, and as a cancer-causing agent in your body. Avoid.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is another ingredient found in a lot of Big Brand consumer goods because it creates foam. Foam = clean, right? Wrong. SLS is registered as an insecticide, and is known to cause damage to your mouth. Canker sores, skin irritation, and a breakdown of your tastebuds!
Sodium Fluoride
This one might seem tricky to digest. Dentists are constantly touting fluoride as the save-all for your teeth, and may even give your fluoride treatments at your appointments. However, ingesting fluoride is very dangerous. The Akron Poison Center sites that ingesting 1/10 of an ounce of fluoride can kill a 100 lb. adult. It’s also a by-product of the aluminum industry. Yuck.
Propylene Glycol
This bad boy works as a wetting agent in your toothpaste, and also as a main ingredient in anti-freeze and industrial paint. Once absorbed into the body, it causes a myriad of issues like liver failure and brain toxicity. Definitely avoid.
What to do?
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