What Is Holistic Healing?

 Dr. Marlene Ehrler is a doctor of naturopathic medicine, founder of Motherhood Medicine, and mama. Her work is rooted in natural healing, empowerment, and wisdom. She works with women in multiple facets to bring awareness and guidance to health issues under the canopy of naturopathy. 

We caught up with our friend, Dr. Ehrler, to dive deeper into Motherhood Medicine, naturopathic healing, and the magic inside of every mama.

Dr. Marlene Ehrler, founder of Motherhood Medicine
What prompted you to start Motherhood Medicine?
I created Motherhood Medicine as a tangible resource for women interested in an intentional, wise, and natural way of healing. A way based in connection and empowerment, not fear and dichotomy. There is no population that needs this more than mothers and children, and after having my son this became my clear life’s purpose and die-hard mission. In medical school, I always wanted to reinvent the doctor-patient relationship and the overall experience of working with a doctor—to move from the typical sterile and dry experience and breathe vitality + character into it. I now have the distinct honor of watching women illuminate from the inside out as they heal layer by layer and pass on this strong medicine and wisdom to their children, which was the inspiration for my new mission, The Land + Spirit Project 
What is naturopathy and homeopathy? 
Naturopathic medicine allows a grand rethinking of how to traverse the complexities of our health. Our medicine takes into consideration that you do not have the same lifestyle, values, genetics, or co-existing conditions as another individual, so treatment must be made unique to you. Naturopathic doctors easily blend modern, science-based diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with ancient and traditional healing methods to provide the most gentle yet effective treatment. NDs are experts in botanical medicine, nutrition, hydrotherapy, environmental medicine, homeopathy, and more, providing the most appropriate and effective natural therapy to return the body and mind to a state of health. Homeopathy is an extension of Naturopathic medicine, and a healing modality that I hold special certification in. 
 Why is it important for women to heal themselves holistically?
Because we are capable of observing our own body, spirit, and mind, responding to the messages we receive, and caring for ourselves! Society loves to make health complicated and healing heroic, but our bodies have always been capable of the extraordinary, often without excessive assistance. Healing should always be done in proper therapeutic order, meaning starting with the gentlest and least invasive protocols first (often times just straightening out the foundations of health first), and by taking the whole person into account. If needed, we then move up higher in the therapeutic order, using tools (herbs, procedures, medicines, etc) to help guide the body back to homeostasis. Without practicing this way, we are doing not only ourselves, but our entire society a real disservice. 
What is the number one piece of advice you have for new mothers?
Simple: Do it your own way! There is so much pressure to mother or parent a certain way, or “the right way” but the only “right” way is whatever feels good and works well for your family. I see this so much in my practice—so many mother’s come in stressed over the choices they are making, but often times they haven’t checked in with themselves first. What sets you and your family up for success? What are you capable of? Often times parenting by trusting your instincts and intuition is the easiest!
How do you juggle motherhood and owning a business?
This one is tough. I have the ability to make my own schedule, so work begins at 10am and ends around 4pm so that I can have a slow morning at home with my family and can be home earlier in the day. However, just because I leave at 4pm doesn’t mean the emails still don’t come flooding in and the phone doesn’t ring! I often will leave my computer at work and turn on the “do not disturb” function on my phone so I have no choice but to let it wait until tomorrow. Also, accepting that there is no way to really balance both was essential for me—when I am at work I’m going to miss things at home and that’s okay, when I’m at home I’m going to miss things at work and that’s okay too.


Dr. Marlene Ehrler, founder of Motherhood Medicine

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