Clary In Action: Lisa Wolfe

Lisa Wolfe with Daughter
We love hearing about Clary in action. So we sat down with longtime Clary Collection customer and friend, Lisa Wolfe, to hear about how she uses Clary in her life.
Lisa Wolfe with Daughter
How did you hear about Clary?
My husband had purchased Clary Body Oil and Olive Balm for me as a stocking stuffer, and I ended up using it on my daughter who was undergoing chemo. I used the Olive Balm on her chemo burn and it helped so much. Used the Body Oil in her bath to give her skin extra love.
What is your favorite Clary product and why?
Strangely, the Hair Oil is my favorite! I LOVE the smell. I use a couple drops in my hair when it feeling dry in the hospital (everything stays dry in the hospital) I would totally use it as a perfume, haha.
How do you use Clary in your everyday life?
We’ve really turned to organic, clean ingredients while my daughter has been in treatment. Her skin is so sensitive and I don’t have to worry about Clary Collection. My husband, my daughter and I all use it.
What is your daily skincare routine?
Right now, since we are in the hospital, I keep my skincare very simple. I wash with Indie Lee, a brightening face wash to keep a glow. The Ursa Major Vitamin C Serum morning and night. Juice Beauty anti-aging moisturizer. Clary Olive Balm under my eyes at night and sometimes on my cheekbones for a glow. And to finish Herbivore Rose coconut water spray to refresh my skin or after I apply makeup. Oh, and Clary Body Oil after I shave to keep my legs moisturized, shiny and no itch!
What does motherhood mean to you?
Motherhood- whew! It means so much these days. I’ve sacrificed my everything. My career, my health, my personal life to help get my daughter better. She’s been battling leukemia the past 2 years and she’s almost 4, so half her life has been to help her fight. Nothing is more important than motherhood. These little humans needing you and loving you with no boundaries. Motherhood is different for each woman but I know that we all do our best, even while being pulled a million directions to give them everything plus some. The stress, the grey hairs the wrinkles, it’s all worth it. I love being needed by her.
Lisa Wolfe


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