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McKel Hill is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist, aka a master guru of healthy living. She is the founder of Nutrition Stripped, a website founded with the purpose of promoting healthy living for women everywhere. On Nutrition Stripped, you’ll find a plethora of articles on clean beauty, eating, and exercise. For those that are itching for the extra mile, they also offer personalized coaching strategies for your own health journey. 
We met up with our friend McKel to talk Nutrition Stripped, nutrition for women and mamas, and healthy living myths.
McKel Hill, founder of Nutrition Stripped
What prompted you to start Nutrition Stripped?
I started Nutrition Stripped in 2013 as a creative outlet and as a journey to refine the solutions to my own health struggles. When I created it, I had no idea at the time what it would blossom into, but I had a calling to share my experience, education in functional nutrition, and I knew I wanted to make it my career to help other people feel their best.
My goal from day one has always been to make learning about the science of nutrition and art of healthy living fun, down to earth, and simple for everyone to understand — I think we're doing a pretty good job still ;) Fast forward, 4 years of doing this full-time, we have readers in 189 countries, reaching millions per month through our website and social media platforms, have grown in offering more than just the education piece through articles and recipes, but online education courses and monthly subscriptions to support people while they're making changes to their lifestyle. It's really exciting to dream about the future and how to help even more women take charge of their own health and nutrition. 
What is one thing every woman should know about nutrition?
There's still so much more in the pipeline of what's to come in the ever-growing body of research for our health and wellbeing. There's not one magic pill or answer here, but more of a philosophy in knowing how to take care of yourself. A knowing that you deserve to take care of yourself, you are worthy of taking care of yourself, and most of all, in order to take care of anyone else, you have to start with you. 
What does an average daily menu look like for you?
I don't eat the same things every day, but I have a built-in consistency with my meals and each meal always includes tons of greens or non-starchy vegetables (think about 75% of the plate or bowl), I use proteins as a "condiment" so about 20grams at each meal and that's just by eye-balling, I don't calorie count or measure anything. To each meal, there's always some source of a healthy fat, whether that's avocados, olive oil, nuts, or seeds and then whole food carbohydrates when my body craves them, typically post workout or when I'm jonesing for an extra energy boost. I do eat all my own recipes from Nutrition Stripped, the website, and the cookbook, but eat pretty simple most of the days! 
How important is proper nutrition for pregnant women and new mothers?
Incredibly important! Especially when it comes to the mothers gut microbiota (i.e. healthy bacteria) that will be passed along to the baby and is mostly responsible for how that child's gut health will be for their life. It's so important to take care of stress, gut health, brain health (eating lots of omega-3's and good fats), hydrating with clean filtered water, and eating as nutrient-dense as possible for not just the baby, but for the mother. You might like this article too if you're looking to become pregnant, here are some foods that are great for fertility. On top of that, working 1-1 with a dietitian is key! They can help you create a plan that'll make sure you're eating enough of the foods you need too and help you stay on track — I work with new mothers and mothers who are expecting as well as the everyday women who want an energy boost! You can check out some of my nutrition programs here.
What is the biggest myth about healthy living?
That one day you're going to wake up after changing your lifestyle with better habits and have it "all figured out" or that'll just be "easy". They call it a practice for a reason, it's not about perfection or reaching this ideal of what a healthy life should look like, there will always be ebbs and flows that you have to roll with, but as long as you know what things you need to do to take care of your unique self, then everything else falls into place. Healthy living also isn't just about checking off boxes for nutrition and exercise, it's much more integrated into how we show up for ourselves, our relationships, how we explore and have fun, sleep, spirituality, and continue to evolve as people.

McKel Hill, founder of Nutrition Stripped

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