Never Too Old To Swap Deodorant!

Are you one of the millions of people that use mainstream deodorants? Yes? We’re not judging (we used to use them too). In fact, I went through my Mom’s shower bag the other week and found this. She’s a registered nurse, and health means everything to her. She was horrified when I showed her the ingredients in her deodorant and told her their potential side effects. Her words were, “how could I have not known this!” Well, strap in because you’re about to do some learning.
Jen Auerbach with Mom Holding Deodorants
There are several harmful chemicals that make up the common deodorant stick. We’ve compiled a list of their names, their adverse effects, and your favorite – a safe swap recommendation.  
The use of aluminum in deodorant is used to block and clog the sweat glands in your armpit. Your body pushes out toxins through the sweat, specifically in your armpits, and blocking this natural procedure can cause buildup in the sweat glands and potentially cell mutation.
Aluminum is linked to: 
Breast cancer development
Alzheimer’s disease.
According to the American Cancer Society, talcum powder (a mineral compound of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen) is linked to the development of certain cancers. In its natural state, talc contains asbestos, which causes lung cancer. While many consumer products containing talc have been asbestos-free since the 1970s, there is little research ruling out that asbestos-free talc does not cause cancer. In fact, asbestos-free talc is currently unclassified in its link to causing cancer, while talcum powder used in the genital area has been classified as carcinogenic to humans (it’s caused uterine cancer in females). Be safe – avoid talc!
Talc is linked to:
Development of certain cancers
Phthalates are chemicals that work to dissolve other ingredients. These guys are usually hiding under other names on your ingredients list, such as the ominous "FRAGRANCE" which we know is widely unregulated in the United States. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors, and are absorbed directly into your body and can cause serious sexual health issues such as decreased sperm count, endometriosis, infertility, and breast + ovarian cancers.
Phthalates are linked to:
Disrupting your endocrine which is your sperm count and fertility. 
Breast cancer 
Ovarian cancer 
This is a petroleum-based (avoid petroleum products at all costs!) ingredient that causes faster absorption of the smaller ingredients found in deodorant. It has been linked to being a toxic ingredient and causing health issues such as neurotoxicity and endocrine complications.
Propylene Glycol is linked to:
Endocrine complications 
Oxalis Apothecary makes an amazing certified organic, non-toxic deodorant that is 100% plant and mineral based with ingredients you can understand.
Oxalis Apothecary Deodorant
They do warn that you may experience an initial irritation period when you switch from toxic to non-toxic deodorant, and to always undergo a detox period before switching. You can email hello@oxalisapothecary.comto learn about ways to naturally detox your pits before switching.

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