My Mama's birth story...

My Mum (the English spelling), was teaching Family Planning as a midwife and Registered Nurse. She would do home deliveries in rural areas. 

JEN: Mum how did you find out you were pregnant?

MUM: "During this time, aged 41, I discovered I was pregnant. I put off doing the test to enjoy Christmas because of the shock factor to our kids and especially my husband. After all, he had had a vasectomy 15yrs prior. To everyone's surprise, Jen's Dad had recanalized and grown a new vasedefron. WOMEN do not panic, the chances of this happening are in the million to 1 sector. 

JEN: What did Dad say?

MUM: After I picked him up off the floor from the shock he said "we must have been blessed with this burden, I mean gift, for a reason!"

I sent your Father off to get a second vasectomy as soon I could. The second vasectomy doctor said afterward that this one was on the house seeing as the first one wasn't so successful! Your father proudly hangs a copy of the first vasectomy receipt in the house. 


Receipt of Failed Vasectomy



JEN: What were the challenges of having a child later on in life?

MUM: We all of a sudden became 3!!! Your Brother and Sister were 18 and 19 and no longer lived at home. it was like starting over again. 3rd time around my main focus was just keeping you safe for another 20 yrs. the fears were bigger with a later in life pregnancy. My own sister had been born down syndrome and back then the testing wasn't nearly as accurate today and you had to wait until 22weeks to test and by then you were my baby, disability or not. I remember we were traveling and during a delay in Singapore I found the airport church, I sat at prayed for your health. My prayers were answered.

Having you was the most amazing experience because we lost control of our circumstances and you were beyond our control and that makes you a force of nature who was supposed to be here and I am proud to call myself your Mummy. 

JEN: (Crying). Love you, Mum. 


Jen Auerbach with Parents at Carnival





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