How To Be A Community Activist

On Motherhood, Business, + Community Organization
Lindsay Meyer-Harley is a mother, business owner (the immaculate Darling Clementine shop), and community organizer and founder of the Still We Rise auction. She identified a need in her community after the 2017 Presidential Election, and founded SWR on the grounds of kindness, doing good, and giving back to others. The auction has a serious track record: raising over $110,000 during the first year, benefitting organization such as the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Natural Resource Defense Council, and Southern Poverty Law Center.
The latest auction will run from July 2nd-9th on Instagram, and aims to bring awareness to families being separated at the border. 
As a talented, multifaceted woman, we sat down with her for a Clary profile on motherhood, business, and community organization.
Lindsay Meyer-Harley, Founder of Still We Rise, with Daughter
What prompted you to found the Still We Rise auction? 
I couldn't just scream at my television after Trump was elected. I had to take that anger and gather the community the only way I knew how.
How do you determine the organizations that the auction supports?
That is a tough one because there are amazing organizations doing work all over the country that deserve our attention and spotlight. Because the auction is online and it spreads word of mouth, I found it was important to select at least one organization per auction that has name recognition; it helps make people feel safer about where their money is going. The auctions are always a reflection of the political climate because I believe in the power of the ground swell around a topic. It's about jumping on that wave and allowing the media to help drive the volume up about the issue the auction is focusing on.
What is the motto you live your life by?
Something I learned as a child: treat people the way you want to be treated.
What is your biggest challenge with juggling motherhood and business?
Oh gosh, well since I run my business from home, it's being present with my kids when they need me. I'm really good at bursts of work, I can sit down, knock out a ton of work then walk away mid-email if needed and I'm able to come back to it. That took practice of course, but my shop has been open for almost 7 years so I've had practice!
Why is it particularly important for women to take an active role in their communities?
There are amazing men in this world, and I am lucky enough to have many in my life. However, you can't expect to have your needs met in full without having a seat at the table. There's a sisterhood that is hard to explain to a man; we just get it.
Lindsay Meyer-Harley, Founder of Still We Rise
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