Are Your Diapers Dirty?

Diaper on Baby
Babies Posed with Diapers
When my son was born there wasn't a product I wouldn't inspect as if I were a scientist before putting on my sweet baby. After 3 "Natural" brands and 3 horrendous rash breakouts, I found Bambo. The hold grail of diaper.
Any parent would want nothing but the purest cloud of a diaper for their little one’s bottom. Their skin is extremely sensitive, and they are susceptible to all kinds of harmful germs and toxins in their new world. Yet, many disposable diapers are already filled with toxic chemicals that are laying very closely to your little one’s skin. 
Chemicals often used in disposable diapers include dyes, fragrances, plastics, and petrolatums. Adhesive chemicals are used in the sticky tabs to close the diapers and dyes are used to color and make the patterns and labels that mark diapers. Perfumes and fragrances are used in some disposable diapers to help mask odors. 

 Dioxins: a chemical byproduct of bleaching, and are listed by the EPA as one of the most toxic chemicals in the world. They are known to cause skin reactions and compromised endocrine, reproductive, immune, and nervous systems. AVOID!!

Tributyl-tin: a chemical used to kill infectious germs, and also found to cause an over-growth of fat cells in the human body linked to obesity. TBT is also incredibly harmful to the environment, as it does not degrade, and forever remains within the environment.

Volatile Organic Compounds: AKA ethylbenzene, toluene, xylene, and dipentene. The EPA has linked these chemicals to ENT irritation, headaches, and nervous system damage.


Swap out your disposable diapers!
Bambo Nature Diapers
Bambo Nature diapers are free of all of the above and are dermatologically tested to ensure the highest level of skin safety for your little one. They are eco-friendly and super absorbent. We’ve even used them on our own kids!


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