Organic Body Oil Uses for Your Baby’s Skin

organic body oil
Our Organic Body Oil is a saving grace for many common skin issues. Olive Oil is packed with an abundance of healing properties, and the herbs we carefully infuse with contain numerous antioxidants, vitamins, and antibacterial qualities. But did you know that this Oil's magic can extend to your baby too? Below are some common baby skin irritations, and ways to use our Body Oil in the remedy.
Cradle Cap
Cradle Cap is a common skin condition in newborns that causes dry, flaky, or scaly patches of skin on their heads. Use a few pumps of the Bath + Body Oil in your newborn’s bath, or apply directly to their scalp for relief. The Olive Oil provides crucial moisture to their skin, and the healing properties of infused plantain and lavender work to bring down inflammation and irritation.
Eczema is a skin rash that can appear anywhere on your baby’s skin that causes thick, dry skin or red bumps. Eczema can be maintained by keeping your baby’s skin moisturized with Bath + Body Oil during and after their baths.  
Diaper Rash
Diaper Dermatitis (diaper rash) is a skin irritation around your baby’s bum caused by soiled diapers. It’s shown as tender and red skin, and can be particularly uncomfortable for your baby. Bath + Body Oil can be used in the treatment of diaper rash during your baby’s bath or after your change their diaper. Let your baby go diaper-free for a short period of time after their bath to allow the skin to lock in the healing moisture of the Bath + Body Oil. In severe cases, you can also use the All Purpose Balm in place of petroleum jelly to lubricate tender skin.
Contact Dermatitis 
Contact Dermatitis is a skin rash that appears when your baby’s skin brushes against an allergen or something irritating. This is most commonly caused by clothing or anything in close proximity to your baby’s skin.  Use a small pump of Bath + Body Oil, and gently massage the oil into the irritated skin. The soothing properties of Chamomile and Plantain will work to clear the rash in no time.


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