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6 Not-So Secret Benefits of Olive Oil

It's known to many as "liquid gold" and the "great healer." We call it our lifeline. We use Olive Oil in almost all of our Clary Collection products, and soon you'll see why! This powerful oil is packed with many healing properties for holistic health. 
Olive Oil is a great skin antioxidant.
Studies show that applying olive oil to your skin after sun damage can minimize the risk of developing cancerous skin cells. 
Olive Oil has antibacterial properties.
Acne-prone skin will love an olive oil scrub to help ward off acne-causing bacteria. A few scientific studies even proved that olive oil has the capability of fighting staph! 
Olive Oil will eliminate your dry skin and hair.
This oil is incredible moisturizing, and rich in Vitamin E and K (which are fantastic for your skin and hair). Use Olive Oil – or our Bath + Body Oil – instead of lotion to get luxuriously moisturized skin.
 Olive Oil is a powerful aid in preventing cancers.
Ingesting olive oil regularly in your meals has been shown to aid in  olon and breast cancer prevention due to the antioxidants, oelic acid, and phenols found in this magical oil.
Olive Oil is a natural aphrodisiac.
Our miracle oil is packed with crucial fats that stimulate hormone production, regulate blood flow, and maintain heart health.
Olive Oil can help with pain relief.
Olive Oil is anti-inflammatory due to the presence of the oleocanthal compound in its makeup. Lather any bump or bruise in it and feel the relief!

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