Meet Your New Face Serum

 You’ve asked, we’ve delivered.

Jen, Adriel, and the Clary Team have been hard at work creating the perfect recipe for a face serum, and we finally have the result. Meet the Clary Face Serum!

 We spent months pouring through research on the particular healing properties of our organic ingredients, and even more time testing our formulations on ourselves. 
We selected the following ingredients based on their strengths in healing, cleansing, and toning the face. Clary Face Serum is friendly for all skin types!
Jojoba Oil: The premier moisturizing oil! Jojoba Oil is most similar in consistency to your natural sebum (your skin’s natural oil), so that means it’s perfect for all skin types.
Plantain Leaves: Works magic on blemishes, rashes, and chronic dry skin.
Calendula Flowers: Stimulates blood cells deep in the dermis, speeding circulation and easing stagnation in your skin.
Chamomile Flowers:Heals acne with critical anti-inflammatory + antibacterial properties.
Lavender Flowers + Essential Oil: Soothes sensitive skin + contains strong antibacterial properties to keep your skin clear.
Geranium Essential Oil: Antibacterial toner. Lightens blemishes, calms rosacea, and cleanses skin of toxins.
Frankincense Essential Oil:T ones and firms aging skin and diminishes scarring and blemishes
Evening Primrose Essential Oil: Plumping! High levels of Gamma-Linolenic Acid, one of the most effective treatments of skin disorders.
Carrot Seed Oil: Fantastic natural source of SPF protection. Boots moisture deep in your skin. 
Red Raspberry Seed Essential Oil:  Another great source of natural SPF protection! Promotes healthy cell turnover.
Use your Clary Face Serum morning and night to encourage proper cell turnover, ease inflammation and increase hydration. Gently warm several drops in palms of hands and apply to clean face, neck, and decolletage. Massage remaining oil into tops of hands.

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