Ever felt lonely as a Mama?

Motherhood can be painfully isolating. This life change can make you feel like a different person. Perhaps you aren’t the life of the party or don’t see your friends as often. For any woman hoping to retain a sense of her former social life or identity after giving birth, this can be more than challenging. 

I was wildly sociable, but I found making "mom friends" a real struggle. After my son, Early was born, I spent the first year wandering around aimlessly with a baby attached to me wishing I had someone to meet for coffee to hopefully hear about their chaotic less than perfect life. 

During my pregnancy, I was isolated in Nashville, thousands of miles away from my family and friends. For this very reason, I was beyond excited and honored to recently launch the Peanut app here in Nashville. 

So what is Peanut (besides an allergy in your kid's classroom)!? 

Peanut is an app which shows you likeminded Mamas near you and makes it easy to meet. I wish 4 years ago I had access to such a wonderful portal of information and potential new friendships.  

It also helps you stay connected; moms can create groups within the app to suggest meet up ideas and send invitations to their friends. Most recently, Peanut added a feature called Pages, which serves as a sort of community board for moms across the app to chat about issues that matter most to them—money, preschools, reliable babysitters, relationships, current events, work/life balance—whether or not they ever meet in person.

I hope you enjoy Peanut as much as I am!   

Love Jen xx

Moms Group at Dinner Table         Jen Auerbach at Moms Group      Moms Group Socializing at Dinner Table

          Jen Auerbach Socializing at Moms Group    Women at Moms Group

              Jen Auerbach at Moms Group

 Photos by Nicola Harger 

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