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Lisa Wolfe - Mother to Arlie 

"Good Morning! Just wanted to let you know we love your oil. My daughter is receiving chemo and some of the drugs cause skin sensitivity. We went on vacation this week and she got a rash all over her body from the sun. I rubbed her down with clary oil last night after her bath and she woke up with almost clear skin"

Morgan Johnston - Owner of Club Duquette  - Mother to Tennessee 

So Tennessee has a pretty serious nut allergy, and if he eats something that unknowingly been processed in a facility with nuts, he breaks out in horrrrrible eczema all over his little body. It happens super fast and itches and burns him. And he won't let us put anything on it because it burns so bad. 

So we had a break out and last night it looked so bad we were ready to go to the doc-- and I decided to try the Clary body oil on him. Told him it was magic golden oil and it wouldn't burn. We slathered it all over and within twenty minutes the redness was gone and the eczema was disappearing. Seriously miraculous. ? and he thinks it is magic so there's that. In the words of Tennessee (aged 3): "ABBAGRABBA!" (That's abracadabra, haha)

Yesenia Ruiz – Mother to Emelia 9, Melaina 5 + Pablo 7months

"This product is unlike any other balm I've used. The best thing about it--it works!! I began to use it during my pregnancy and it did wonders to my skin. In recent days, my 7 old-month baby had a rash on his cheeks and I rubbed some Clary balm and the rash went away so quickly. My oldest daughter is using it as a lip balm. Can't say enough. My new favorite for these cold days."

 Aj – Hair Stylist for Aveda

"Clary balm is my go to bit of happiness. It is healing, soothing, and the scent is calming. It has so many uses and is so versatile, I take it with me everywhere I go!!"

 Alyssa Spyridon – Brand new Mama to Goldy + Vintage Dealer

"As someone who makes her own house cleaning products and natural remedies with essential oils and herbs I was very excited to learn about Clary for skin care. I started off using the Clary Bath + Body Oil and Balm and I was immediately hooked. Then I found out that I was pregnant. The Stretch Mark Oil got me through my pregnancy. The Perineum Relief Spray was the only product that I trusted to use on such a sensitive area postpartum- it worked wonders. The Nipple Balm has been a life saver as I'm a new nursing momma. The fact that I can confidently lather and massage my 4 week old daughter in the Bath + Body Oil after her bath is a dream. Oh, and the Balm is the only product that I can use on her bottom that won't cause a reaction. I don't go anywhere without the Balm. I even use the Bath + Body Oil on one of my rescue pups who has inflamed and dry skin due to allergies. Clary products are to my go-to gifts for friends and family because everyone falls in love with them (my dad even uses the Bath + Body Oil). I'm a huge fan, to say the least!"

Emily Dorio – Photographer + Brand new Mama to Elias

"Nothing makes me happier than a good beauty potion and everything in the Clary Collection is a dream come true. The stretch mark oil has been my favorite daily ritual from the moment I opened the package. I used this spray both before and after baby. The fragrance is spot on (please make a roller ball!) and it is a perfect balance of body oil and moisturizer. It never felt too heavy like some oils can. It was light enough that I could cover a big surface area without feeling suffocated but also moisturizing enough to feel rich and soothing to overworked/stretched skin. Not to mention, I came out on the other side with zero stretch marks, hand on the bible! Miracle potion. Buy it immediately.

No one talks about how your "bathing suit area" may feel after your baby arrives but they should. And in that conversation, I hope someone tells you to purchase the Clary Collection Perineum Spray. This magical potion saved my life after my baby came. It not only provided instant relief and cooling to the trauma site, but the fragrance was so calming and soothing to my anxious mind. I honestly looked forward to it in my post potty ritual. Instead of spraying directly on my body I would mist it on a maxi pad. Skip the panty popsicle recipe and use this! I soaked cotton flannel washcloths in a diluted solution of the spray and used that instead of the recommended frozen commercial pads (ugh, so gross). Such a treat to your most delicate bits.

As for the balm, I use it everywhere. Face. Hands. Lips. Dry spots. I carry one in my diaper bag, one sits on my bedside table, and another on the coffee table. It is within arms reach at all times. Same with the nipple balm. I use it everywhere and carry it everywhere. Nothing makes me happier than the sight of my little gold tins scattered throughout my house. Did I mention the packaging? It is gorgeous. There isn't a product on the market designed for mamas that looks or feels more luxurious. I seriously cannot recommend these products enough." 

Shannon – Singer from Shannon + the Clams

"I love Clary!!! As a fan of body oil, Clary has taken the lead and is now my daily go to. It's extremely emollient and provides a deep layer of moisture but somehow absorbs quickly and doesn't leave you greasy at all. I also love the body balm, it's a beautiful little tin of magic I just keep in my purse."

Jessica Kaplan - Writer + Mother to Violet 

"Clary is a magical brand where its products can whisk you away to a place of solace and calming. My favorite item is the Bath Oil. Hands down a vehicle to complete relaxation and peaceful rejuvenation."

Sam Nordstrom - Candle Maker at Pigcandleco

"I stressed for weeks over what to get my expectant SIL. I wanted to get her something useful (and beautiful) that both she and my infant niece could use. I found Clary Collection through Instagram  and instantly fell in love with their dreamy products. When my order arrived I had a moment of selfishness and kept the bath oil and clary balm for myself. Both have become part of my everyday routine and my skin has never, ever felt better."

Vania Barbieri-Morris - Mama of two and photographer @simplybloomphotography 

"I feel lucky to have discovered this brand. Its products' delicate and natural scents are simply addictive. I love that they are safe for the whole family and that they leave your skin silky and healed."

Ashley Wilcoxon - Singer 

As someone with sensitive skin, I'm always searching for gentle yet effective products and Clary Collection has nailed both of those things!  The Clary Bath and Body Oil has become my go to moisturizer...seriously, it was love at first pump!  Not only does it leave my skin feeling silky smooth but I truly love its delicate scent.  
The Clary Balm:  There's no wrong way to use this product!  It's perfect for hands, lips and face; I even use it on the delicate skin under my eyes at times!  I carry this product wherever I go. 
Bottom line- you can't go wrong with beautifully packaged products that work!  

Laura Carney - Mother to Wolf + newborn June 

"I started using Clary products after the birth of my first child, and it was a complete game changer. Everything I had been given previously irritated my skin and had harsh ingredients. Clary helped me through the recovery process immensly and there was no turning back. Now, one more baby later, we are all using Clary. The bath oil gives my babies the softest skin-- we can't live without it!"



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