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Step One: Infusion

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At the heart of Clary Collection and the base of each product we create, is the ancient craft of botanical oil infusion - a process of transferring the qualities of plants to oil through a low and steady heat. Much like water takes on the flavor, color and aroma of an herb in tea, heat and oil gently draw out the properties of plants, binding them with the qualities of the oil. After straining, the benefits and beauty of each plant can be carried to our skin. This gentle tradition dates back to the earliest forms of herbal healing and is still widely used throughout the world today.

Ancient Egyptians infused rose hips and bitter orange blossoms in Olive Oil to heal scars. Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine have recommended the infusion of Marigolds in oil to heal skin irritations for centuries. Lavender is mentioned in the Bible as a holy herb and was a common infusion used to treat wounds and ease pain in the ancient Middle East. Ancient Greeks infused Chamomile (greek for “ground apple”) in olive oil and used it to heal rashes. Many Indigenous communities in North America still infuse Plantain as a treatment for bug bites and skin abrasions. Allowing a slow warmth of oil to draw out healing benefits of herbs and flowers is one of the oldest, gentlest and most effective ways of transferring those benefits to our skin.

We infuse in small batches much like our great, great grandmothers did. While they didn't have to worry so much about the purity of their ingredients, we take great care in using only certified organic or wild-harvested ingredients. We combine our herbs and flowers with pure, cold-pressed oils and warm them evenly, never allowing the infusion to get hotter than a comfortable bath. Once the herbs and flowers have released their therapeutic benefits to the oil, transforming it in color, scent and texture, we strain twice using organic hemp and are left with soothing oils which form the base of each of our products.