#1 healing oil for damaged skin.

A natural, fast, and effective way to heal; sunburn, dry skin, dehydration, and more.





From Plant to Skin ™️

Safe Effective, Certified 

Non-Toxic Skincare.

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Formulated to nourish and heal the skin, from the deepest layers. Provides immediate relief from sun-exposure, stress, and dehydration.

Simply apply oil to skin as needed and say goodbye to irritated and inflamed sunburn.

MOISTURIZES - Penetrates deep skin layers and replenishes the natural moisture barrier, preventing water loss, and keeping skin soft, smooth, and supple.

REPAIRS: Full of essential fatty acids, including oleic, which supports collagen synthesis and accelerates wound healing.

PROTECTS: Abundant in antioxidants, such as vitamins E and C, which help to combat free radicals and protect the skin from oxidative damage, reducing signs of aging.

SOOTHES: Highly anti-inflammatory and boosts blood circulation, providing immediate comfort to skin that is stressed or healing.


2 Oz with Plastic Pump

8 Oz with Plastic Pump

8 Oz with Plastic-free Cap

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  • Essential

    I’m hooked, as are many of my friends and family members of all ages. I have very sensitive skin and, at age 58, my skin has lost elasticity. This is a wonderful solution for that much dreaded (and, unfortunately, very real) crepe-y skin!

    Don’t let the term “oil” scare you, it absorbs quickly with no sticky residue nor staining of clothing. Very subtle scent, doesn’t interfere with other fragrances. It’s perfect - I love it. (Bonus: it’s a woman owned business using natural ingredients 💜

    Lori A.

    Verified Buyer

  • I love it on my pregnant belly!

    This is my second bottle of Renew Repair Oil. This time I was so excited to get the large format portion. I use it all over my face at night on my pregnant belly. It’s nourishing but absorbs well without leaving a greasy feeling. Smell is great, also. I notice a subtle vibrancy in the overall tone of my skin. I love it so much!

    It's a high-quality ,effective product that feels luxurious and looks great on my countertop, too!

    Sharon D.

    Verified Buyer

  • Love this clean oil!

    I love the Clary - Renew 43, Repair oil. I love the smell, the application and how it absorbs into my skin. People do not realize there are so many seed oils (Sunflower) in these so called "Clean oils." This oil is straight up what mother earth intended for us to put on our skin. Thankful for these small businesses who value and understand the meaning of clean ingredients. Will continue to buy all of their products!

    Anoma B.

    Verified Buyer

  • Best Oil Blend I've Used

    I've been using the product for about two weeks now and I'm already noticing reduced redness on my face and healing acne scars. The blend smells good and is gentle on my skin. Definitely going to buy more Clary products in the future!

    Julia M. 

    Verified Buyer



Avocado Oil is clinically proven to reach deep skin layers, increase collagen production, and speed wound healing.

We infuse organic, cold-pressed Avocado Oil with organic herbs full of anti-inflammatory and skin-nourishing properties, then strain and bottle by hand.

We take the shortest path From Plant To Skin™ to bring you safe, effective relief.










Words cannot explain how in love with this I am! I used it on my face while visiting my sister for Thanksgiving forgetting to pack my moisturizer. I’ve tried oils in the past had poor results. I have very sensitive problematic skin at 37 years old have tried a lot of products. 3 different dermatologists at least 5 estheticians have all told me that Accutane would be my only cute because my skin wouldn’t respond to topical solutions all signs pointed to my problems being hormonal. Well your oil just proved everyone wrong! It has dramatically changed my skin!! The icing on the cake is that, I usually have very oily skin I mean VERY oily skin. You’re product has changed that seems to have balanced everything out!! I can’t thank you enough!! Even my esthetician was amazed has ordered some herself! Thank you thank you!!

Aniko O.

Verified Buyer


Our entire line of balms and oils are certified to be free of substances known to harm humans and ecosystems by MADE SAFE®. The purest ingredients are ethically sourced, formulated, and made accessible to all. The shortest path from plant to skin. That's the Clary Promise.


Clary Collection was born from our transition into motherhood, our desire for effective, clean skincare, and our curiosity about herbalism.

We explore the traditional craft of oil infusion, used by humans for centuries, to gently transfer the benefits of medicinal plants to oil, making them accessible to the skin. We work as a small team of women, with local, ethical herb farmers and beekeepers, to create small-batch, safe, effective, skincare for Every Body.

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