Placenta Encapsulation

I remember when I first heard the words "Swallow your placenta it will balance your hormones and save your sanity" I thought GROSS. 

However, I will never forget the first morning I forgot to take them and Dan nervously said "Babe, have you taken your pills today?" I wanted to rip his head off and I soon realized I hadn't. This ladies, is why I would like to highly recommend Placenta Encapsulation to all of you willing.

My encapsulator was the lovely Anna Morgan, she provides placenta encapsulation services throughout Middle Tennessee. Placenta Encapsulation has become far more openly used and you are most likely to found one in your area. If not, I am sure Anna would happily direct you. 

We use the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method to encapsulate. We can also take a piece of raw placenta for a tincture at your request.

​It’s so wonderful that so many women are researching and interested in the benefits of placenta encapsulation! There are many benefits found in the placenta. Iron to aid postpartum healing/recovery, prolactin to help increase milk production, as well as your unique hormones to improve mood, increase energy level, and may help moms avoid baby blues or postpartum depression. Also oxytocin and other healing hormones are known to be produced in the placenta.

Anna was originally trained and certified through Placenta Benefits, Ltd. Anna has additionally trained and obtained certification through Association of Placenta Preparation Arts. Anna is the first APPA Certified Placenta Arts Specialist in the state of TN. PBi and APPA placenta specialists adhere to certain standards and protocols when preparing placenta pills.

There are no Tennessee laws governing placenta encapsulation specialists' transport of the placenta. We want to give you the information you need to make the decisions regarding your placenta preparation that best fit the needs of your family. There are two options in regards to where your placenta can be processed. You may choose for your encapsulator to come to your home and complete the entire process there or you may choose for her to pickup your placenta at your place of birth and complete the encapsulation in her personal work space.

Pros and Cons:​​
Encapsulation at your home:

Pros: When the encapsulation is completed at your home you, your family member, or friend are in complete control of your placenta from birth through the encapsulation process. You can watch the process and take photos if you choose. You know how your placenta is handled and the environment it is encapsulated in. You are able to get to know your placenta specialist while she works. You know that your pills were made with your placenta and not mixed up with another.

Cons: You have to have someone transport your placenta to your home. You have to open your doors to the encapsulator soon after the birth of your little one. The smell and noise associated with the encapsulation are minimal but they do exist. It can take longer to finish the encapsulation due to scheduling the two steps.

Encapsulation at off site location:

Pros: Your placenta is picked up by your encapsulator at your place of birth and your completed product is delivered to you in 24-48 hours. You do not have to open your home or deal with any sights, smells, or sounds that may be unappealing or interfere with the restful first days following birth.

Cons: You do not get to see any of the process although most encapsulators are happy to take photos to email or text to you so you can have a glimpse. While your encapsulator will treat your placenta with the respect you and it deserve you will not have the same amount of certainty that you receive your placenta as you would if it were handled in your own home. At Nashville Birth and Babies we safeguard against this concern by not ever picking up or working on more than one placenta at a time. We have more than one encapsulator on our team so that if multiple placentas happen to be ready to be picked up at the same time each placenta will be picked up and encapsulated by a different encapsulator.

Placenta Preparation Process
Typically, we make every effort to encapsulate within 24- 48 hours, but in special circumstances the process can begin up to 72 hours maximum (the sooner, the better for you, your newborn, and for all the wonderful and supportive people who will share time with you!).

Your encapsulation is handled in two steps. The first step takes approximately 2 hours on Day 1 and 1 hour on Day 2. With in home encapsulation We make 2 home visits and the placenta never leaves the home, for safety and quality. When we leave your home (both days), we will leave your kitchen clean and sanitary.

On Day 1, we thoroughly clean and drain the placenta, steam it using ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques, prepare it for dehydration and leave it to dehydrate in our dehydrator in the home overnight. On Day 2, we powder and encapsulate the placenta. We leave you with a pretty little bottle of capsules to take to increase your iron, assist with lactation, reduce fatigue, help stop/lessen your postpartum bleeding, help your uterus contract, and improve your mood. We will leave our contacts and your dosage instructions in case you or family has any further questions.

The amount of pills you receive varies from woman to woman. We have known of some placentas that have yielded 60 pills, and as many as 200 pills, though the average is usually around 80-120.

For longer term benefits...placenta tincture will be completed for you at your request. The capsules are available as soon as Day 2 of the process is complete and the tincture is ready 6 weeks after. The tincture is a cool method in Chinese medicine, capsules have a warm effect. The warm effect is needed during the initial healing process after birth. Tinctures can be used during times of sickness, stress, and menopause. The tincture lasts indefinitely and will be stored in the freezer.

We can create a keepsake of the umbilical cord during the dehydration process or you can choose to have your cord included in your pills. This will also be ready on the second day. We can take a photo of the "tree of life" if you desire.

Encapsulation Fee
For encapsulation services, the rate is $270 and we request a $50 non-refundable deposit (applied to the total cost).
We are certified placenta specialists and have completed ServeSafe Food Handler Training and International OSHA training in accordance with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1090.1030. to insure Safety and Quality Assurance.
Questions about placenta encapsulation services? 

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