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Use Clary Hair Oil to hydrate dry unruly hair or tame and moisturize beard.


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For Hair: Use on wet or dry hair. Work 1 - 3 drops through wet hair and air dry, or smooth through dry strands to calm frizz and increase elasticity.

For Beard: Place 2-3 drops of oil in your palms and warm to activate. Massage into beard and face to condition, clean, and strengthen.

Jojoba Oil

Plantain Leaves

Calendula Flower

Chamomile Flower

Lavender Flower

Rosemary Extract

Sandalwood Oil

Frankincense Oil

Neroli Oil

Rosehip Oil


Clary Hair Oil begins with unrefined, organic Jojoba Oil produced in the plant's seed and most closely resembles skin sebum. We slowly infuse the oil with Plantain leaves, Lavender, Chamomile, and Calendula flowers, gently strain and combine with the nourishing additions of antioxidant-rich Sandalwood, anti-inflammatory Frankincense oil, oil balancing Lavender oil, and elasticity building Rosehip oil + Neroli.

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