Clary Collection was born out of our friendship and the connection we found during the pregnancy and births of our first children - two souls who changed everything about the way we see the world.

Our transition into motherhood sparked many changes in us, one of which was a tuning in to our bodies as they started to function as givers of life and home to our children. This brought new awareness to our need for clean food, products and environments. We began to make small changes in the ways we consumed and worked to create new, healthier habits.

Recognizing that the skin is the body's largest organ and that it absorbs a great deal of environmental toxins, we sought out truly clean moisturizers and balms, as they were the most essential items in our skincare routines. However, we continually came up short. The “organic” market is increasingly saturated with claims of purity. But more often than not, even organic skin care lines contain synthetic chemicals and preservatives.

With curiosity and determination, we began to seek alternatives that brought us back to a time when our ancestors carried practical knowledge and crafted useful connections between what they cultivated and gathered from the earth and how they healed. We read books and began to ask questions and share ideas with friends, neighbors, midwives, grandmothers and teachers. And we started experimenting.

Focusing on native plants from our families’ home regions of Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin and Australia and oils from South America and North Africa, we found uncomplicated but effective blends of herbal and floral steam distillations and cold-pressed oil infusions. By adding wildflower beeswax as an emulsifier, these oils were transformed into a healing, protective salve. This resulted in the solutions we’d been seeking for chronic dryness, eczema, irritation, allergic reaction, scrapes and even bruises, and cultivated a great sense of personal empowerment and creative satisfaction.

As we began to use the balms and oils on ourselves and our families, we excitedly saw our skin begin to heal and stay healthier. Some of our friends asked to try for themselves, and we spent the following year testing and fine-tuning our methods on our nearest and dearest while traveling deeper into what has become a journey we intend to enjoy for the rest of our lives.



Early into our days of kitchen witchery and sleepless nights with newborns, we learned about the remarkable herb Clary Sage. Derived from the Latin word clarus, meaning “clear,” Clary Sage is used to ease the tension of fluctuating hormonal cycles and to balance the strength of their tides, bringing a sense of calm and clarity. In those early days of motherhood, Clary was our window into a new world. And so it became our namesake.




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