Clary Bath + Body Oil

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Lovingly nourish your family's skin with our completely natural, hand-blended Clary Bath + Body Oil. 

Throughout centuries, many cultures have maintained traditions of oil infusion to harness the medicinal qualities of plants and flowers. Clary Bath + Body Oil explores this craft by slowly infusing cold-pressed, extra virgin Olive Oil with Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender and Plantain. This powerful and calming combination of organically grown and ethically harvested ingredients gently soothes and protects even the most sensitive skin.

Use Clary Bath + Body Oil in place of lotion and massage oil. Add several pumps to a detoxifying, saltwater bath or combine a few pumps with warm water in pitcher and pour gently over babies and young children at end of bath. Comes with interchangeable pump and screw top lid. 

Why we chose our ingredients:   

The bright and beautiful Calendula flower, or marigold, enlivens blood vessels deep in the epidermis and increases circulation, bringing healing power to the skin’s surface. Chamomile gently stimulates cell turnover and regulates the skin’s metabolic process. Fragrant Lavender has been proven to settle the nervous system, easing pain and tension. Plantain, found growing wild in even the most difficult places, soothes inflammation and effectively counteracts irritation caused by sensitivity or injury. Hippocrates called Olive Oil “the great healer” and Homer called it ‘liquid gold’. The key to Olive Oil’s power lies in three major types of antioxidants: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols - all of which are critical to proper cell-turn over and skin metabolism. They bind to free radicles created by sun exposure and environmental toxins and prevent them from causing cell damage. They not only slow the process of declining collagen production due to aging, but they also encourage the production of new collagen. Olive Oil penetrates deeply into the skin, won’t clog pores and is a highly beneficial addition to every skin care routine.  




Clary Collection only uses ingredients that are 



100% Natural + Organic
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