Women's March

Women’s March

Last year I had the privilege of walking the March on Washington. I marched to lend my encouragement toward equality in every aspect of life. I marched for my son, my stepdaughter and for the hope of a future for all our children to grow up in a world of love and acceptance. I marched because I had the freedom to. Given that my daily drive is to encourage, support and empower women — their bodies, their own choices, and their freedom — it was a privilege to march this year in Nashville. 

I was proud to see an ocean of people ready to march for their rights and others. I teamed up with my closest girls and, we donned (fake fur) leopard print in honor of strong felines. Even down to baby Goldy (aged 1yr.) 

There is something to be said about the energy you feel when walking with others who feel compelled to protest. The energy around me was electric. At times making me want to cry. Feeling united with strangers is such a reassuring feeling of trust and companionship in what can be a scary toxic world in recent times. I watched small children with their parents holding signs and listened to groups of women singing elegantly in protest. 

We can't control everything around us but we can control how we as an individual treat others. 

Exactly what I tell both of my children “treat others how you want to be treated”



4183 miles away in my home country of England my dear friends Sara and Aine marched in unity.

Sara and Aine at Women's March

Caption - "Aine + Sara" 

Today we stood together opposite Downing Street to chant "Time's Up" on all matters that oppress women. In 1918 the first female emancipation act was passed and some women got the vote (not all, that took another ten years), one hundred years on we are still united in making a stand for equal rights. It was very powerful to be there today, to mark a year since millions took to the streets around the world in defiance of Trump. The #metoo and #timesup movement is an unstoppable force and I'm proud to have added my voice today in the pursuit of a better, safer, more equal world for my daughter in the future.

Women in Suffragette Costumes at Women's March

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