Why choose ORGANIC?

Why choose ORGANIC?

Some of Clary's favorite ingredients.

Orange Tree Blossoms


Neroli is made by steam distilling blossoms from the bitter orange tree. It is antibiotic and cytophylactic, meaning it maintains healthy cell structure and promotes good cell growth. Neroli oil is also a cicatrisant and helps to prevent the formation of scar tissue. It is useful in balancing oil production and is beneficial to a wide variety of skin types. It is also traditionally used to balance emotions, ease anxiety and stimulate a sense of creativity and passion.

Calendula Flowers


Calendula, or marigold, has been used in India since ancient times. According to Ayurvedic healing principles, it is energetically cooling and is useful in the treatment of minor wounds, as an eyewash, to soothe bee stings, and to ease digestive disturbances. In traditional Chinese medicine, Calendula (Jin Zhan Ju) is considered energetically neutral and is used to support healthy skin. Calendula stimulates blood cells deep in the dermis, speeding circulation, easing stagnation, and bringing healing power to the skin's surface.


Olive Oil Spoonfu with Plant


Olive oil is the base that allows us to carefully hand infuse our Clary Balm + Clary Body + Bath Oil. Hippocrates called Olive oil “the great healer” and Homer referred to it as “liquid gold.” It has been prized and valued for most of human civilization and used as food, medicine, soap and light. As a benefit to the skin, the key to Olive oil’s power lies in three major types of antioxidants:Anchor vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols, all of which are critical to proper cell turnover and skin metabolism. These compounds bind to free radicals created by sun exposure and environmental toxins and helps to prevent them from causing cell damage. They not only slow the process of declining collagen production due to aging, but encourage the production of new collagen. Olive oil penetrates deeply into the skin, won’t clog pores, and is a highly beneficial addition to all diets and skin care routines.




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