Our Top 5 Clary Self Care Tips

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Mindful rituals and intentional space dedicated to self-care are fundamental for a healthy life. The ways in which we practice self care might look different - from a long, uninterrupted bath, to quiet time in the flower garden - but the core remains the same: nourishing your mind and body.
Toxic chemicals found in many cosmetic and beauty products today can penetrate and absorb into your skin’s layers, and even enter your bloodstream. This can affect your skin’s health, and ultimately your overall health. Implementing natural, organic skincare products into your daily routines contribute to mindful health practices, wellness benefits, and a happy body! Clary uses all natural, organic ingredients to boost skin health and nourish your body. Below are some ways that I use Clary in my self-care rituals:
 When I get the chance to soak in the tub, I love using a few pumps of Clary Bath + Body Oil in my water. The Lavender used in the Bath + Body infusion clears any tension or stress, while the Calendula works to heal the surface of my skin. Read: perfect stress relief.
Love Your Hair.
After days of summer beach hair, my ends were dry and brittle. My Husband’s Beard Oil came to the rescue with the help of the healing Jojoba Oil infusion. For me, healthy hair is absolutely self-care.
On-The-Go Face Care.
When I’m traveling with my family, I’ll somehow manage to pack everything and the kitchen sink for my children, but will forget to pack my makeup remover. Clary Travel Bath + Body Oil works like a dream to remove mascara, giving me a peaceful, gentle day’s end for my face when I’m on the road.
Nurture Mending Skin.
After making sure my 2 kids looked like Casper the Ghost in sunscreen (see: Erbaviva sunscreen), I got burnt on my neck at the beach. The Renew + Repair Oil healed my skin overnight, thanks to Vitamin E packed Avocado Oil infusion.
Heal Your Babies.
Family care is 100% self care, too. Making sure my kids are happy and healthy will keep me sane. Recently, my son got bitten by some big Florida mosquitos, and the Clary All Purpose Balm was always in arms reach to soothe irritation and reduce redness (thank you Australian wildflower beeswax!).
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