Industry Insider's Top 5 Green Beauty Brands

Chelsey Cobbs is the founder of Salt & Water, a new beauty and wellness shop opening soon in Oklahoma City. The driving forces behind her ethos are safety, community, and confidence. As she prepares to launch the first iterations of Salt & Water as a pop up in November and December, we asked her to list the why's behind her top 5 green beauty brands!
Chelsey Cobbs founder of Salt & Water
Alex Carro: is my current fav on the skin care front. She has simple, masculine yet feminine energy around her brand. I love the face cream; it's so airy and smooth and partners awesome with Clary Oil pressed on top of it. 
Kjaer Weis: makeup score, it is beautiful and simple. The foundation, in particular, can be made into a tinted moisturizer or a full coverage foundation for shoots. I also use face oil under or over it as well. The best part is they are truly earth conscious and the packaging is metal and made to last, so you only buy refills after your first purchase. Win win!
NOTO: This brand truly stands for equality, not just in their packaging and imagery, but the use of the product itself. They make a lip tint I adore. Its that bitten look that lasts all day. Sexy and not fussy. 
Artifact: I secretly/not so secretly want to be a beach surfer babe. So I adore their Mer-Mer Milky Waves spray. Its a salt oil blend so it doesn’t dry my hair out and looks like sexy tuslled hair. 
Alexis Smart: floral remedies!
She has so many amazing remedies for beauty, illness, and for peace of mind. Truly embraces the mind, body, spirit connection to our appearance and wellbeing. 
High Vibrational Beauty Booklet by cap beauty
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