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Clary's 2018 Gift Guide

Beauty Life

The Holidays are the bane of everyone's December. That's why we're making it easy for you. We've bundled your favorite Clary goods for your mom, boyfriend, grandma, neighbor, and jet-setting best friend. 

The Beauty Queen:

For your Mother in Law, Mom, Grandma, Best Friend, Partner, etc. Clary Face Serum is handcrafted to bring all of them hydrated, clear skin. Use morning and night to encourage proper cell turnover, ease inflammation, and increase hydration. Use Clary Renew + Repair Oil to nourish skin that is stretch or healing (see: pigmentation, stretch marks, scars, acne).

30 ml Clary Face Serum

100 ml Renew + Repair Oil

Bundle Price: $97 + free shipping

The Traveler:

For the ones that are always on the go: meet TSA-friendly solutions to dry winter skin. The Clary Travel Bath + Body Oil and All Purpose Balm are safe enough for your newborn or jet-setting grandmother. Use the Travel Oil as your make up removing, skin hydrating travel companion, and the Balm for chapped lips, nips, cuticles, under eye primer, and more.

50 ml Travel Oil

1 oz Gold Clary Balm

Bundle Price: $30 + free shipping

The Clean Freak

For all the self-care bathers (or dirty husbands) in your life The Clary Bath + Body Oil and Clary Soap will be a seamless addition to their water rituals, and safe enough for the entire family. Lather even the most sensitive and delicate skin with Clary Soap, and use the Clary Bath + Body Oil in place of lotion after your soak. 
8 oz Clary Bath + Body Oil
Clary Soap
Bundle Price: $57 + free shipping
The Healer:
For the mothers, grandmothers, teachers, and nurturers. Clary Renew + Repair Oil works to soothe stretching or healing skin, while our hand blended Body Oil lovingly nourishes your skin for extra hydration during those harsh Winter months.
50 ml Travel Bath + Body Oil
50 ml Renew + Repair Oil
Bundle Price: $41 + free shipping
The Man’s Man:
For all the men in your life. Clary Hair Oil works to tame frizz and smooth coarseness (see: beards!), while Clary All Purpose Balm is the perfect solution to cracked knuckles, dry skin, scrapes, bruises – you name it. These are no fuss, no nonsense additions to your mans’ manscaping. 
30 ml Hair Oil
1 oz Black Clary Balm
Bundle Price: $37 + free shipping

The Gifting Enigma:
For those whom you just can’t figure out. The Clary All Purpose Balm is magic for any and all skin ailments, and good for just about anyone in your life. Stumped on what to gift your quiet uncle or Secret Santa? Go with the Balms. 
1 oz Gold Clary Balm
2 oz Gold Clary Balm
Bundle Price: $38 + free shipping

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