5 Questions for an Esthetician

Karee Hays is our favorite esthetician who happens to be located right here in Nashville, TN. Her state-of-the-art spa features services from facials to layering to radio frequency and pulsed light treatments. Basically, she is the queen of maintaining good skin.
We sat down with her for a Clary profile and asked her our top 5 burning questions about her line of business.
Karee Hays
What prompted you to open Karee Hays Esthetics?
I love helping others. So naturally I wanted a place to do that and share my passion of Skincare and Wellness with others.  The only way I felt that I could make that happen to the level that would satisfy me, was to open my own Practice. Best decision I ever made in my career.
What is one of the biggest skin myths about Esthetics?
That you have to spend a fortune to have healthy beautiful skin.  There are many great products that I love and offer fantastic benefits that don’t break the bank. I always say, spend your money on the “Big Girl” products that have ingredients that communicate to the cells and will really change the skin. You can save on cleansers… I love CeraVe and Cetaphil!
What is a trend you are seeing in the Green beauty movement?
We all know this to be true, but it is really becoming the norm that people talk about internal health in conjunction with external skin health and beauty. The skin is the body’s largest organ, so naturally, you need to feed your body the needed nutrients to get it glowing! Gut health, taking your probiotics, adding in your greens powder and collagen peptides, monitoring your dairy intake and drinking habits… they are all pieces that contribute to that glow!
What is your daily skincare routine?
If I did good job washing my face the night before I don’t wash it in the morning…  I go right for a compounded KH Koji pad. 
Then I saturate my face with Avene Thermal Spring Water and apply KH Peptide Gel mixed with a pump of Clary Renew & Repair oil.  Hyaluronic acid holds 1000x its weight in water molecules so that is why I spray face before, and then the oil feeds and replenishes the skin.   
I then apply a good moisturizer packed with antioxidants and key restorative properties. Currently, I am loving the Revision DEJ Face lotion.   
After this, I apply Revision Intellishade SPF.  I love that it is paraben free and is, again, packed with key essential ingredients and antioxidants to help protect, heal and restore the skin.  It is the most beautifully tinted formula, so you don’t really even need makeup!
I double cleanse!
  1. Pre-Cleanse (Dermalogica pre-cleanse oil is my favorite! It emulsifies and breaks down all the fat soluble things on my skin, heavy moisturizers, SPF, etc.)
    2. Cetaphil or CeraVe’s hydrating cleansers are a great second cleanse, after you have gotten any makeup broken down with the pre-cleanse
3x a week (M-W-F) I try to get a retinoid on my skin - on damp skin with moisturizer on top. Often I will cut a pump of Revision’s Retinol Complete with KH Hydrate or Revision DEJ Face. (Currently, I am using KH Hydrate as it is a little heavier as we head into these colder months) 
On the alternating nights, I keep it simple. I am much more of a morning person, so a little KH Peptide Gel with a moisturizer does the trick for the night. If I remember, I try to use an eye cream AM and PM… DEJ Eye is a game changer!
I love to get a nice soak in the tub (as often as I can make time). A cup of Epsom Salt with the Clary Bath and Body oil is my favorite way to unwind from the day. 
What is one skincare product every woman should be using?
Suncreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Every day, no matter what. If you do nothing else, sunscreen!
Karee Hays Esthetics

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